The Dwima Collective, is seeking well-written and researched articles related to Assam specifically and the Northeast in general. Our emphasis is on narratives and research related to the indigenous communities of Assam and the rest of the NER. These can be on subjects, but not limited to, such as:

Culture and cultural practices
Folk art and folk narratives
Popular arts and Cinema
Linguistics and language practices
Food histories
Land rights
Natural Environment
Performance and theater
Religion and ritualistic practices
Political histories
Indigenous knowledge practices

We invite writers and researchers to pitch their ideas to

Pitches/abstracts should be within 250-350 words introducing the article, its argument(s) and the structure.

We will publish only original and previously unpublished articles.

We do try and avoid academic jargon/ language.

Essays should be between 2500 – 4000 words, including footnotes and references/bibliographies.

Please follow Chicago Manual Style for referencing and citation.

Please submit your pitches and articles as a .doc or .docx file.

Please write in Times New Roman font in size 12 and 1.5 line spacing.

Images should have permission from the photographer and/or publisher, or it should have a Creative Commons License 2.0.

Please do not plagiarise other articles or writers or researchers.

Please check our previously published essays to understand our style and content.

Please note that we will not accept essays with incorrect or incomplete referencing. Such incomplete submissions needlessly consumes time of the editorial. Please refer to our published essays for samples on proper referencing.

Accepted writers will be paid a small honorarium in Indian Rupees.

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